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7530Re: [SCA-Archery] I really know nothing about archery...

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  • AMENSEYA@aol.com
    Nov 29, 2001
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      If you do have a Bear bow and it is dated 1953, I would take it to a
      respectable archery place before you even think of shooting it. Not that it
      might be 'old' and not be usable but that it might be 'OLD' and a 'BEAR' bow
      Bear (if I have the name right) was a famous maker of wooden bows. As for the
      numbers I'm not sure but I believe the #25 is the poundage.

      As for magazines, there are two that I know of. Primitive Archer and
      Instinctive Archer. The spring 1998 issue of Instinctive Archer has an
      article on how to make the Robin Hood Quiver worn by Errol Flynn in the movie.

      Instinctive Archer Magazine
      P>O> Box 45299
      Boise, ID

      Primitive Archer
      P>O> Box 209
      Lufkin, TX

      Both these addresses are from 1998 issues and may have changed. Hope this

      Lord Donato Pulcinell

      'Che Guardare il Guardia'

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