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750Re: Hun!!!

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  • James C Wolf
    Sep 21, 1999
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      I shoot a 50lb Hun I got at Lilies War two years ago, and it is the most
      fun, and frustrating, bow I've owned. Since the riser is straight,
      without a shelf, Kaz helped me get a `seiper ' (leather cover to keep
      fletching out of the top of my hand) made by a leather merchant. It
      worked, but I found problems in shot to shot consistency as it moved on
      the hand each time I nocked. I saw and talked to a gentle at this Lilies
      who had added a ring of leather to his Mongol bow, and with this in mind,
      I stopped at a leather booth and bought a thick piece of leather to make
      a shelf with, and a long piece of suede to wrap it and hold it on. The
      difference in shooting was immense, with a great tightening of groups.
      However,the latest issue of PRIMITIVE ARCHER gives instructions on how to
      wrap arrow fletches, so my next batch will have this, and maby the shelf
      can go.
      I shoot with the Mediterranean style, one over and two under, using a
      tab-it works for me. A friend has promised a thumb ring when he has time
      to make one, and I look forward to trying the style. I have found 60lb
      spine shafts seem to give the best results, and the nocking point is
      pretty far up the string-the owner of the local range helped me set it,
      and was surprised at how high it had to be to shoot right. As to aiming,
      the only thing I can say is practice with the bow, and find where it
      shoots, then adapt to it-I find I aim low at 20, about half as low at 30,
      and on the bull at 40, but work out your own way-mine works for me.I tilt
      the bow to the right and lean my head to look over and down the shaft.
      Good luck with a really nice bow! FELIX
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