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7472Re: [SCA-Archery] Crossbow bolts . . .

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  • James Pratt
    Nov 13, 2001
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      For the crossbows I build I use the longer 20-22 inch bolts. I started
      with "half" lenght bolts but moved quickly to the longer ones for more
      accurace. On the next bow, that I can keep to play with, I will work on
      tunning it with short fletchless bolts then go to the longer one and see how
      that works.

      James Cunningham
      >in length) because they are cheap, and tend to fly 'ok'. The more
      >'accuracy' prone people tend to start moving to longer bolts. Although
      >many people stay at the shorter ones. As I said, I stayed with the shorter
      >ones for a long time, until my bow started 'acting up' and needed the
      >stability of the longer ones.
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