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7444Re: [SCA-Archery] Crossbow bolts . . .

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  • alberic
    Nov 1, 2001
      > Thanks for the responses on crossbow bolt lengths . . . I had no idea so
      >many of you were using bolts so much longer than the length of your bows . . .
      > Any other crossbow archers out there who haven't chimed in yet, feel free!

      Next time I bring one of the ladies to an event where I can actually
      shoot them, I'll have my mutant lawn-darts with me.
      (Gotta *love* Californian attitudes toward crossbows. An 80#
      crossbow firing target points is clearly going to do *much* more
      damage to a target than a compound bow firing broadheads. Sigh...
      There's about 3-4 events a year where crossbows are even legal.)

      1/2 and 5/8" pine shafting, 6" long.
      Either 3 milled grooves as fletching, and/or turning along the shaft
      to stabilize. Heads are custom machined, and of various weights from
      15 gm, to 250 gm. The only real constant is that they're all
      spray-painted dayglo orange.
      (So I have some prayer of finding the blessed things if I miss.)
      Firing from a variety of bows, from 175# up to 250# currently, and #1000 soon.
      They look very much like scaled down roman ballista bolts.

      The advantages are two: (A) air turbulence around a cylinder is
      exponential with length. and (B) there's no way to muss the fletches,
      so they fire very consistently.

      Alberic, Isles.
      The paranoid fears that there is a dark, evil conspiracy attempting
      to control the world. The cynic fears they already have.
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