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  • Scott Jaqua
    Nov 1, 2001
      Time for someone with short(ish) bolts to chime in. First off I shoot a Iolo
      crossbow in the 65 lb range. The stock has a bolt groove, rather the a rest
      sitting on the end of the shelf, as some do. From tip to butt, my bolts
      measure about 13 inches. This length is just enough so that the point sits
      just in front of the stock so the only thing touching the bolt groove is
      bare shaft. All-in-all I get pretty consistent groups (and score) for a
      period style bow. I almost always shoot in the low to mid 90s on a royal
      round. Perfect ends at twenty and even thirty yards are not unknown to

      My bolt construction technique and the reason behind what I do can be found
      on my SCA web site.


      Scott B. Jaqua

      SCA Link http://sjaqua.tripod.com

      Gaming Link http://www.geocities.com/sjaqua/
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      From: "Patrick Tolen" <ptolen@...>

      > Thanks for the responses on crossbow bolt lengths . . . I had no idea
      > many of you were using bolts so much longer than the length of your bows .
      . .
      > Any other crossbow archers out there who haven't chimed in yet, feel
      > L. Patrick of Avebury
      > Calafia
      > CAID
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