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7431Re: [SCA-Archery] Crossbow bolts . . .

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  • cwilson@mhmh.org
    Nov 1, 2001
      My crossbow has the same stats as Nigel's, here are my bolt stats:
      5/16" Port Orford Cedar, 45-50#
      21" length
      (3) 5" parabolic feathers, straight-fletched

      I am still learning to make my own bolts, with practice comes perfection.
      I messed up some on my first batch and the front edge of the some of the
      feathers curved, causing them to sit funny on my rail. It's no wonder my
      highest score is only 112, my bolts were sitting funny. I took a craft
      knife and cut off the offending bits and the bolts seem to fly more
      consistently. I haven't shot a royal round since the bolt surgery, but I
      did shoot a Vogulschutzen round of 120, so I did see some improvement.

      In the future, I'm going to be testing 15" bolts (recycled recurve arrows
      shafts) for long range shooting.

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