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7430Re: [SCA-Archery] Crossbow bolts . . .

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  • Bruce R. Gordon
    Oct 31, 2001
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      I've never noticed any problems with long distances. Generally, I don't
      shoot anything beyond a standard 100 yd. clout, but during this past
      Pennsic Champions shoot, there was a distance shoot at various marks in
      excess of 100 yards, and I hit on most of the marks. I think I missed
      once or twice, but that was because of poor aiming, not because my bolts
      were too heavy.
      Naturally, if I shot much shorter bolts, with 2 fletches intead of three,
      they'd travel higher and farther at given aim points, and I'd have
      adjust accordingly; but the range of my bow is far more a function of
      it's poundage than it is of any characteristics of the ammunition. I
      have a light poundage bow, so my range isn't terribly impressive, but I
      have no difficulty at all with any shoot the SCA wants me to try, aside
      from my own lack of skill.


      Patrick Tolen wrote:

      > "Bruce R. Gordon" wrote:
      >> Greetings
      >> The draw length is an even 1 foot. The reason I have long shafts is that
      >> I find that particular length convenient for sighting purposes; also, I
      >> find them to be a bit more stable in flight.
      >> Nigel
      >>>> Greetings
      >>>> I use 5/16th dia. shafts, 24 1/2 inches in length (quite a bit longer
      >>>> than usual); they are 3-fletch types. My bow is slightly over 90 lbs.
      >>>> Cordially;
      >>>> Fore4ster Nigel FitzMaurice

      > Wow . . . so you have about 9 inches of bolt sticking out past the end of your
      > bow?
      > What kind of range do you get with the 1080 in/lbs ?
      > L. Patrick of Avebury

      Ex Tenebra, Lux

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