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71Re: Period vs. modern

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  • Alberic
    Aug 1, 1999
      > On 31 Jul 99, at 18:43, Ken Cooke wrote:
      > > First I would like to comment on documentation. Archery was not only a
      > > sport of interest, it was mandated by law, for several hundred years.
      > > Every man over age 12 was to own a bow and at least two arrows and they
      > > were to shoot on every holy day. This was everyday life.
      > not necessarily so ... in what particular culture, what time period, whose law
      > code .. ???
      > alway remember the SCA covers a wide scope of cultures and time periods (i do
      > so miss my pscho-aztec friend of years past .... g). in many of these
      > cultures/times the bow is iirrelevent, in many it is predominant. as a general
      > rule, in the SCA, a blanket statement is always a dangerous thing .. as it
      > tends to catch fire so easily (g).


      If you mean Esh, he's now *sir* Esh, the society's one functioning
      Jaguar Knight.
      (X-squire brother of mine, and a very cool life unit.) Haven't seen him
      lately, but I'm in Caid these days.

      As far as legally required archery, as best my memory serves before
      caffine, the only area where this was a legal requirement was Tudor
      England. Exact dates unknown without massive infusion of caffine, but I
      get the sense that it was roughly 1200-1415 or so, or at least in that
      ballpark. The idea behind the law was to maintain a certain skill among
      the populace so that the king could "recruit" archers wherever he went,
      and have enough bodies and bolts to stop or blunt a charge.

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