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66RE: Period vs. modern

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  • j'lynn yeates
    Jul 31, 1999
      On 31 Jul 99, at 18:43, Ken Cooke wrote:

      > First I would like to comment on documentation. Archery was not only a
      > sport of interest, it was mandated by law, for several hundred years.
      > Every man over age 12 was to own a bow and at least two arrows and they
      > were to shoot on every holy day. This was everyday life.

      not necessarily so ... in what particular culture, what time period, whose law
      code .. ???

      alway remember the SCA covers a wide scope of cultures and time periods (i do
      so miss my pscho-aztec friend of years past .... g). in many of these
      cultures/times the bow is iirrelevent, in many it is predominant. as a general
      rule, in the SCA, a blanket statement is always a dangerous thing .. as it
      tends to catch fire so easily (g).

      for many of us, in our primary cultural affiliations, archery is a novelty or
      an irrelevance (keltoi for one .. spear was much more a primary) ... in my
      case, luckily i have a additional eastern bent that brings it back into the
      primary fold (things scyhtian, mongol, ...) ... by my nature, i do so love
      hybridization in all things.

      anyone got any plans / designs for eastern bow / arrow cases ... got some ideas
      for a belt rig that moves to the harley's saddle bag mounts for secure
      transport and open for refinements ... i ask you what could be more "mongol"
      than that idea (g)

      .. who chooses to live in the *current* middle ages

      ... truth is the sword of us all (lords of the new church)
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