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6489Re: [SCA-Archery] Archery Targets

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  • jrosswebb1@webtv.net
    Jul 9 10:11 AM
      Good Afternoon to the List,
      For those of us on a budget that are marshals that are constantly
      lugging equipment, a variation on several previous postings is what I
      currently use. When you buy groceries and they ask you "paper or
      plastic?" always say plastic. And have everyone in your group say
      plastic. After a couple of weeks, you will have enough free stuffing for
      several archery targets. Go pick up empty boxes (especially the size and
      kind that a box fan comes in) about 30" square and 6-8" deep. Stuff it
      with the plastic bags and duct tape carpet scraps on the face and
      back(you may have to actually purchase the duct tape).
      The end result is a very cheap(free?) target butt than is small enough
      and light enough to carry and will stop most anything a scadian archer
      can shoot at it.
      Should it ever get totally shot up, its off to the cardboard recycling
      dumpster and the rubbish night pickups for more carpet and boxes, the
      plastic just needs to get stirred up and repacked.I shoot very heavy
      poundage bows(70-93#) with heavy arrows(700+ grains) and this
      comfortably stops anything of mine.
      You will need to make some form of frame or tripod to put it up to
      legal height.

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