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  • James C. Wolf
    Jul 1, 2001
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      Greetings to thee, young sir, and Well Come! My personality is roughly
      early 15th century German, a Hanseatic merchant/ship captain, and I
      justify my use of a bow as due to the fact that I was an archer auxiliary
      to the Teutonic Knights on their Crusades in the pagan lands to the east
      when I was younger. This even explains why I shoot a Hunnish Horsebow and
      use a thumb ring, as I captured the bow!
      Try looking for the OSPREY Men at Arms book on German Medieval Armies
      #166, and The Knights of Christ #155-I have these, and they are
      useful-especially on garb. Little mention of archers though. Beyond this,
      remember that this was Eastern Europe, and the Huns/Mongols/Asian
      traditions are going to be stronger than the French/English/Roman ones.
      Otherwise, have fun!
      YIS, Felix the Archer, Saethyr Fyrd, Calontir
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