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  • theogre@qwest.net
    Jun 30, 2001
      I agree on the beauty of the sites regarding the Asian bows and accessories-Krackow and the Scandinavian Traditional. I have ordered from Krackow and their prices aren't that bad lately. One problem I had once was the thumbring. The people involved were extremely nice, however and it was probably a goofup in the international mail. One of the things needed to order the thumbring was 1) your ring size for the thumb and 2) a drawing of the outline of your thumbring hand, perhaps to get the 'claw' length correct in relation to your thumb's length and distance from the palm joint. The inconvenience was the time involved-I waited almost 7 months for the ring. It was $50. The Scandinavian site rings are only $12-15 the last time I checked. Hmmmm..... David Gray of Krackow will work with you if you E-mail him about anything you want, though. He may have contacts for bows not in the catalog (i.e. Korean style bows that are within a good range $400-$800 as opposed to the Saluki site that also makes you weep as they are stunning and a bit pricey)
      To practice with my thumbring I have a cheapo fiberglass stick that I cut the molded bilateral handle from. I then just single wrapped it in thin suede and use a glove for the bow hand. It is 40# and will actually kick a light arrow nicely out there. It is very convenient to practice and make the goofs on as you're waiting for the Asian bow from Santa or a lovely and generous Lord who needs your help at whatever war you engage in from your kingdom. :-)
      Yep, the horsebow site is cool. Lajos Kassai is the MAN!!! They have some really great pics if you can find them.

      Philip of Kentshire

      "Pris de fer, Riposte!"

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