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64Re: Period vs. modern

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  • John Edgerton
    Jul 31, 1999
      Those of you that do make period style gear have a chance to display it
      to other archers and interested people at this Pennsic. You can enter
      period style archery gear that you have made and get to help judge the
      work of others and to hear their opinions and comments on your work. It
      is a chance to learn and share information. The Archery Masterwork Judging
      will held on Wed in the marshals tent on the archery range from 4:00 to
      5:00 pm. If you are interested check the pre Pennsic flyer for

      How many of you that do make you own gear were planing on entering the
      competition? How many of you had heard about it? It is just one way that
      we can help to encourage the use and construction of period archery gear.
      Even if you do not make your own gear, yet. You sould consider going just
      to see what is being made and to talk to and learn from those that are
      doing so allready.

      The next AMJ will be in Nov at Great Western War in Caid. You can either
      bring your own entry, have someone else bring it for you or contact the
      person running it to see about the possibility of mailing your entry in.

      The next after that is in Feb at Estrella War in Atenvelt.

      Then I hope that it will be run at Gulf wars and Lillies. But for the
      last two years, I have been unable to find anyone to run it there. Are
      there any volunters?

      If we want to see more period gear in the SCA, then those that know how
      to make it should teach more archers how to to it. And those that learn
      from them need to then teach others. If you do not have a sca bowyer in
      your area you might consider asking one from another area to come for a
      week end and teach a basic class. Pay their way and expenses, etc. Or if
      you can not find a sca bowyer, locate a mundane one and pay them.

      When I joined the SCA in ASII, there were only about two people that made
      some armor. But, consider the quanity and quality of the armorers we have
      now. If we work at it then we could do the same for bowyers, fletchers, etc.

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