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6083Re: New range

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  • hamberg@fiber.net
    May 2 4:04 PM
      > Does anyone here practice on private property? If so, what special
      > things do you do to protect yourself from liability? I know that
      > SCA members have signed a waiver releasing liability to themselves,
      > but as a homeowner (my property is where practice will be), should
      > I make the attendees sign anything to protect my interests? I will
      > be marshalled prior to practice starting.

      I sign one of these releases every time I shoot at my local indoor
      range. It has been a common practice at every range or marshal arts
      studio I've been to for the past 20 years.

      I would first check into the local laws. I don't know where you are
      located but in many metropolitan areas it is illegal to fire a weapon
      within a fix distance of an occupied structure. I'm located in Salt
      Lake City where it is illegal to fire any kind of weapon anywhere in
      the county except at a range. In many of the surrounding counties
      the requirement is no closer than 1 mile to any occupied structure.
      Doesn't matter whether it's private property or not.

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