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5170RE: [SCA-Archery] Change of heart

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  • wyvern@megahits.com
    Feb 2, 2001
      > progressing. As long as the guild is open to all from the rankest
      > beginner on up there is no "shadow peerage". Archery is one of the

      Discussions haven't gotten that far on the SWAG list, but that's the
      direction I'd be interested in taking it.

      > train archers, and promote mastery of our subject then the sheer
      > numbers of competent archers becomes a threat and must be dealt with.

      Why do you charaterize a number of competent archers as "a
      threat"? And to whom? And, IMHO, the SCA already *has* "a
      number of competent archers," doesn't it? Who's threatened now
      by the existence of all those competent archers?


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