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510RE: period archery company - re-re-revisited

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  • Bob & Nancy Upson
    Sep 6, 1999
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      > That's great. Would you happen to have a source for those points or are
      > they just short run items. If there is a good source and the price is
      > reasonable, I would like to make something like that available on the
      > arrows that I make.

      I've just gotten them here and there from Master McDougals when I
      was 'apprenticed' to him way back when -- I don't know if he'd make
      them in quantity. (He generally only used them on his top-of-the-
      line period arrows.) However, the good news is that they're simply
      ground out of commercially available bullet or field points. Find the
      heaviest points you can get, grind the point into a 3 or 4 sided
      'pyramid' shape, and then rind a narrower neck just behind the
      pyrimid. You end up with a fair approximation of what I believe he
      referred to as an "Elizabethan #4 bodkin."*

      This is the rough profile you want (view with a fixed font):
      / \ <-- grind tip into a pyramid shape with 3 or 4 sides
      / \ removing as little material as possible
      ) ( <-- grind a narrow waist below the pyramid taking
      |_--_| care to stay above the hollow ferrule
      [/ \] <-- hollow ferrule for wood shaft
      [ ]

      This tip will actually pierce metal much better than a field point but
      doesn't, IMHO, tend to destroy targets unreasonably. (Although it
      probably would loosen and/or wear out something like a Saunders
      mat faster than regular field points.)

      *(Sorry, I don't recall the source of documentation for the "E#4" bit
      although others on the list might be familiar with it. =)

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