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503RE: period archery company - re-re-revisited

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  • KC
    Sep 6, 1999

      That's great. Would you happen to have a source for those points or are
      they just short run items. If there is a good source and the price is
      reasonable, I would like to make something like that available on the
      arrows that I make.


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      > A bodkin point may not look a whole lot different, but the penetration
      > compared to target point is quite different. A bodkin has a long slender
      > point that offers very little resistance as it penetrates. A properly

      FWIW, there are period bodkin designs that don't penetrate much
      more than a standard field or bullet point. I have a few of them on
      my arrows and don't find overpenetration to be a problem. While
      the longer bodkins you alluded to would be problematic, the shorter
      styles are, IMHO, quite acceptable for SCA target use.


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