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494RE: period archery company - re-re-revisited

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  • KC
    Sep 6 4:50 AM
      A bodkin point may not look a whole lot different, but the penetration
      compared to target point is quite different. A bodkin has a long slender
      point that offers very little resistance as it penetrates. A properly made
      bodkin has shoulders that are larger than the diameter of the shaft causing
      little or no friction once the point has penetrated. I have made and shot
      bodkins and their ability to penetrate a target is severe compared to an
      almost flat or shouldered target point. Shooting at a Sanders grass mat
      target the bodkin pointed arrows were catching at the fletchings shot from
      a 40 lb. bow. My target arrows were barely coming through the back of the
      target. You can really tell the difference if you shoot one of each at an
      old hub cap.


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