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488RE: period archery company - re-re-revisited

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  • KC
    Sep 5, 1999
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      I don't think that this is as easy as you are making it sound (although I
      wish it was, I love the idea). I basically have some questions as to
      period or period looking equipment. Would laminated long bows be allowed?
      How about cut out arrow shelves and sight windows? In other words I think
      that you would have to put in some kind a minimum requirement. It is
      possible to look rather period and still be using modern equipment. I
      personally do not like self notched arrows as I don't like having to
      replace the whole arrow for a broken nock. I haven't seen anyone using
      period arrow heads and would rather not.

      I think that heading in a more period direction should be the goal of all
      serious SCA archers. I am just wondering how far period is this going to
      have to go and do we need to document and get really anal about details (I
      will never use period string material and risk my bow needlessly, etc). I
      am not trying to be mean here, but after watching this list for some time
      now, I can how this could get out of hand real quick and only be fun a few.

      I think that if you are going to do this, then you need to think through
      the period equipment definition fairly well before this goes much further.
      I would like to see more people post how they feel about how period the
      equipment should be. Also, you have my full support and will help in any
      way that I can. I would love to have an SCA competition against nothing
      but longbows with no recurves in sight, but that is just me. I am sure
      that some Mongol or other persona's would disagree, but those should be
      period also.

      Anyway, I am rambling now so it is time to go. I hope this brings up some
      things to think about. Comments and replies are encouraged.


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