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4102Re: [SCA-Archery] RE: new idea

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  • James W. Pratt Jr.
    Dec 1, 2000

      I like the double Elimination with one leg of the double elim being
      skill(shooting) the other A&S. As they go through the levels the newest
      bee gets to choose which he wants to do(to the new bee's advantage). The
      real game is to know the strenghts and weakness of your opponent.

      James Cunningham

      > I heard once of a double elimination Arts and Sciences Tourney (yes that's
      right, 'Tourney') where the entrants were paired up and did 'combat' by
      debating before the audience the accuracy, quality and documentation for
      their pieces until one gave the victory to the other. Apparently it was both
      fun and entertaining for all. We could do something like that, perhaps the
      audience (including the other contestants) could judge, if the audience
      can't agree, the contestants shoot head-to-head on some period shoot or
      other and let the audience choose after that.
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