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3811Re: [SCA-Archery] Re: Learning bow making

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  • Angus
    Nov 8, 2000
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      --- "Francois Leclerc" <fleclerc@...>
      > wrote:
      >> The one concern I have about bow making, is the moisture content of the
      >> wood. I have already spent enough money on tools for hobbies. How can I
      >> assure the correct moisutre content in a stave or billet, with out spending
      >> several hundred dollars more for humidity meters?
      >The trick is to weight it at regular intervals and note down its weight. When
      >the weight stops going down, the staff has stopped drying.

      Please note that the above method will _only_ tell you when a stave/billet has stopped drying. There's nothing to tell if the wood is too dry due to low relative humidity in the method described.

      IIRC there was a short list somewhere in TBB vol. 1 (4 or 5 entries) of relative humidities and the water content of wood when dried at x%. I don't have my copy at hand, I'll have to check it later.

      However, when you know the humidity and start to dry wod the weighing method is excellent for telling when the wood has reached equilibrium.

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