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3794Re: Learning bow making

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  • elwin@one.net
    Nov 4, 2000
      --- In SCA-Archery@egroups.com, "Simon Hondy" <scholari@s...> wrote:
      > The one concern I have about bow making, is the moisture content of
      > wood. I have already spent enough money on tools for hobbies. How
      can I
      > assure the correct moisutre content in a stave or billet, with out
      > several hundred dollars more for humidity meters?
      > And my choice of wood for making a bow is locust. Just because i
      > enough scars and puncture marks from that tree. It is kind of a
      get even,
      > or some such feeling. I do know it is a heavier, and slower wood
      for bows.
      > And for would be bowyers who are limited on space, or like me
      > dwellers, Kustom King, Traditional Archery, and a small Bower shop
      here in
      > central Illinois, make bow kits.
      > Simon Hondy weigh it from the start you can work on why its draying
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