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3790Re: [SCA-Archery] Re: Learning bow making

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  • Chad and Erin Wilson
    Nov 3, 2000
      > For those who are not loggers. The Osage tree is considered to be a
      > worthless tree by most owners. If you take the time to find the owner and
      > ask you might be surprised. The best and easyest are in fence rows away
      > from houses. Do not be surprised when your chainsaw throws sparks when
      > cutting it. You will also find that two years goes by quickly when you
      > start working on bows.
      > James Cunningham

      Maybe someday when I have a garage (and thus, a work shop), I'll begin the joy
      of making a crossbow by hand as well as other bow types.

      -Caeman of Unicorn
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