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3789Re: [SCA-Archery] Re: Learning bow making

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  • James W. Pratt Jr.
    Nov 3, 2000
      For those who are not loggers. The Osage tree is considered to be a
      worthless tree by most owners. If you take the time to find the owner and
      ask you might be surprised. The best and easyest are in fence rows away
      from houses. Do not be surprised when your chainsaw throws sparks when
      cutting it. You will also find that two years goes by quickly when you
      start working on bows.

      James Cunningham

      > There are some osage trees around, but so far, I don't know anyone who
      > the land and I'm not going to just start cutting trees down.
      > I would like to find some already aged, but again, something tells me I
      > have to acquire and age them myself, and it takes what 2 years to let it
      > enough before making?? I will be happy to learn on kiln dried wood and
      > the "real" stuff later.
      > Thank you all for the input and information.
      > Ld James
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