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3788Re: [SCA-Archery] Re: Learning bow making

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  • Rhonda New
    Nov 3, 2000
      paul kaveshan wrote:

      > I would like to find some already aged, but again, something tells me I will
      > have to acquire and age them myself, and it takes what 2 years to let it dry
      > enough before making?? I will be happy to learn on kiln dried wood and get
      > the "real" stuff later.
      > Thank you all for the input and information.
      > Ld James

      I've got several staves already cured and ready to start workin on.

      But, you ain't lived 'til you've cut down a bois d'arc (osage) tree,
      split it, and lived to tell about it! Comparing blisters is cool....
      And most land owners are glad to have their bois d'arc trees
      removed... just prepared to remove all of it, small limbs, stump,
      etc, as well as the parts you're going to use.

      Three months is about enough curing - you still need a little
      moisture in the wood.

      I will not be at Laurel's Prize; however, I will most likely be
      at Three Kings.

      Cell phone number is 817-456-8599 (Sat & Sun)
      Work number is 817-509-3403 (8 - 5)
      The rest of the time, I'm in school (6-11 PM)

      /Ly Elizabeth Hawkwood
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