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35533linen backed longbow

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  • richard johnson
    Jun 24, 2014
      I was at the post moffice yesterday eve and found a signature card for a "long thin package".  Obviously my Longbow has arrived!  So I signed the card and requested that it be delivered to my house.
      As all my other bows are either fiberglass recurves or flat self-bows, this is my first actual "Longbow" with the "D" cross-section. GIBow.com for $60 gave me a 45# 72" Hickory longbow... unfinished.
      I'll still have to do a staining and minor sanding, wrap the handle but then, that's the fun of the thing!  To personalize your bow.  Actually I bought two, one for my daughter<g>.
      Although the bow can be shot from the box, it is the personalizing that I enjoy, I just cannot leave anything alone.
      So here are the cosmetic additions, and I recognize that they are cosmetic here.
      I am seeking cow horns to make tips (which are difficult to find even in Arizona).  I may have to actually splurge and buy ready-made tips though I'd prefer to cut and shape my own from a raw horn.  Plus the remaining horn can be made into a case to hold my extra string, wax and a few extras. 
      Why tips?  Yew is soft and the strings tend to act as a saw, chewing away at the tips until they  snap.  A sacrificial horn-tip will prolong the life of the bow.  Hickory bows are much harder and modern strings cause less abrasion so the tips are decorative.
      Linen backings are mainly to prevent splinters from popping out of the back of the bow.  Again, with straight-grained Hickory, this is not necessary but cosmetic.  It gives a more 'traditional' look to the bow. 
      So, question is, anyone have experience or advice or gut thoughts here?
      I've never tipped or backed a bow so am totally a student in these areas.

      Rick Johnson
      "Those who give up a little freedom in return for a little imagined security will soon find that they have neither."
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