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35513RE: [SCA-Archery] Saunders Indian Cord Archery Matts

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  • David Edwards
    Jun 13, 2014
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      In Barony of Gyldenholt, Caid, we have been building target blocks out of alternating layers of the half inch rubber floor mats from Harbor Freight and 1” Styrofoam insulation board. About 5 layers of each and encapsulate the whole thing in duct tape makes a block that takes a 60cm target and costs less than $20. The first one we made stood up to nearly a year of fairly heavy use at weekly practice before we retired it. When first made, it would stop arrows from a 45 lb. bow at 20 yards without penetrating the back, but they are still easy to pull out. At the time it was retired, it would still stop them, but with 3-4” of penetration through the back. We now have 5 of them that we use at weekly practice.


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      this came up on FB as well, if you can, between the layers of cardboard if you can pack the thin plastic bags you get from the grocery in about 2-5 inches thick, it stops missiles surprisingly well.also if you back or face it with the corrugated plastic signs (the kind you see realtors or politicians use on lawns) theat in combo with the bags makes a great backer, and potentially all free!


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      Chris had been kind enough to let us know when we also inquired.

      We've dummied up some mats using foam and cardboard but the are only usable at 30+ yards otherwise the stronger bows shoot right through.

      We've decided to wait out the shortage.

      Robert the Tall
      Shire of Owlsherst

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      I have been shopping for replacement archery matts for my Barony, Principality and Kingdom, and keep seeing that Saunders is out of stock on all of their Indian Cord matts.  I finally sent them an inquiry, and here is the response from their CEO:


      "Thank you for contacting us. This winter we had a major water line, which feeds the sprinkler system in the matt winding building, freeze and burst. We are still trouble shooting problems with custom electrical systems. The problem may be resolved soon or it may take months to repair. We are sorry for this delay and wish we could give you an accurate start up date but I'm afraid that is just not possible."


      In light of the recent bad reviews on the Zen matts, I wanted the archery community to be aware of this issue with one of the alternative suppliers.


      YIS, Randal of Camusfearna


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