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35436RE: [SCA-Archery] BLUNTS

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  • Harry
    May 6, 2014
      try antler and consider your blunt to be an expendable and plan to replace them.


      I've been thinking of making some blunts that look Period but won't break me financially.
      Yes, 3-Rivers sells some nice looking ones.
      Yes, people make blunts form shell casings or screws or such.
      I want something more medieval that I can make.
      I've tried overdrilling the holes in wooden beads, to have the beads split.
      I've tried drilling a shaft-hole in a dowell to find my technique sucks and the head is angled.
      Anyone here make their own "period" blunts and care to share?

      Rick Johnson
      "Those who give up a little freedom in return for a little imagined security will soon find that they have neither."

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