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35394Principality Challenge Results - SSAC Winter - Horseman

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  • Randal of Camusfearna
    Apr 13, 2014
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      The first phase of the 2014 Principality Challenge in the Kingdom of the West is over.  The scores for the Society Seasonal Archery Challenge, which we are using as the basis for this year's Principality Challenge, have been posted on the SCA Scores Site at Current Averages
      I have gone through this listing, separated out scores from the West Kingdom, and sorted by Principality (and of course, the Marches).  Out of a total of 226 scores Society-wide, 31 scores were from the West.  Of those, 17 were from the Mists, 11 were from Cynagua, 4 were from the Marches (all from Tarnmist), and none from Oertha.  We had already decided that merely totaling all the scores for each area gave an unfair advantage to the group posting the most scores.  Due to the low turnout in some areas, I've also decided not to go with the top ten scores, which was one suggestion to improve fairness.  Rather, I have used the average of all scores from each area to determine the winner.

      Based on this, the winner of the first quarter of this year's Principality Challenge is the Mists, with an average of 21.8.  Second is Cynagua, with an average of 17.1.  Third goes to the Marches, with an average of 15.0.  I am truly hoping the spring thaw brings out the archers of Oertha for the second quarter, and the SSAC Spring Shoot - Yin/Yang.  Rules for this shoot can be seen at Rules for Yin\Yang

      Four Kingdoms have already posted scores for the new season, and the West is not one of them.  I encourage everyone to get out their bows and start shooting!

      YIS, Randal of Camusfearna
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