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35288Re: [blak_rose] My Cell Phone Has Gone Missing and Your Contact Data Might Have Been Compromised

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  • Alana O'Keeve
    Feb 17, 2014
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      Hehe. You did a better job than Target! :-)


      On Feb 17, 2014 5:20 PM, "Robert Sandusky" <rdsandusky@...> wrote:

      Hi Guys:

      This is a technology device is missing alert. And of course that means data is exposed.

      About midnight last night my cell phone went missing in Florence, SC (I was on my way back from a reenactment).

      Best case scenario is that it is in the travel vehicle (as of yet neither confirmed nor denied) but it may take a day or two to figure that out. We spent 22 hours traveling last night and are pretty trashed.

      Next best (for you) scenario is that I left it on the roof and it is now smashed technology on the streets of Florence.

      Worse case, someone none of us would like has a hold of it and will try to use the data in it for not nice purposes.

      I have deactivated the phone and I have changed the passwords on my various accounts and social media pages so I don't think your data or my data is exposed.

      However there is the address book (the most important data on the phone) that someone could crack into even if they can't use the phone or my accounts.

      And since we all know what a prolific user of social media I am (stop laughing) and how much I send around “you got to read this”, “very important documents” or jokes (I mean it stop laughing) I think it will pretty obvious that anything like that which comes in to your mailbox from me is spam.

      I NEVER EVER use the gmail account associated with the phone for anything. So anything you get from a gmail account in my name it is automatically spam.

      They may however try to spoof my email address, facebook account or linked in account.

      If I need you I will try to contact you the old fashioned way (by phone or in person).

      In about a week (after I have either recovered or determined the phone gone for good) and if we are still regularly contacting or working with each other I will ask you to send me your personal information again so that I can start rebuilding the address book.

      Otherwise this will be the last communication you should expect from me.

      Either way I figured you should know your contact information might have been compromised

      Well the event was good and worth the trip. It is only a minor annoyance (and expense) that the phone has gone missing but I figured you should all know.

      If you need me call me at home (717-229-2430), work (717-327-2485) or email my yahoo account rdsandusky@... .

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