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35215atlatls in the sca

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  • houseofgrey
    Dec 28, 2013
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      The Canadian kingdom, forgot the name, used to run the atlatl battle at Pennsic. Now Atlantia does. However, the Canadian kingdom had a set of rules and had incorporated atlatl into their kingdom. Atlantia has incorporated atlatl into the archery marshalette. As for space requirements, atlatl does not need as much room as target archery does. One can only throw an atlatl dart about 80 yards max whereas a 30 pound bow set up right can throw an arrow over 135 yards. An atlatl battle does require more width to the range than an archery range though due to the nature of the battle. However, we host atlatl battles frequently in Atlantia with no issues. The only issue we ever face is Oog in his loin cloth! =:-o (Those that have seen this spectacle...........well enough said!)

      The justification for atlatl in the SCA time frame, per the Canadians, is that Cortez ran into the weapon in the new world where the natives used it to kill some of his men. He took the atlatl back with him. I have no clue as to the accuracy of this but it "could" have happened. :-)

      As for pictures on the internet, there are tons. Thunderbird Atlatl is a vendor at Pennsic and would be happy to answer most any question regarding them. There is also a US nation wide group/club for atlatl, however they tend to use metal shafted darts instead of wooden ones.

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