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  • John Edgerton
    Dec 9, 2013
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      I will put it in the group files.


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      For some reason the image come up requiring Quicktime and a decompressor to view the image. Since I am not willing to hunt down applications, would it be possible to have the file added to the files instead of as an attachment?

      Moire Ayres

      --- In SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com, John Edgerton <sirjon1@...> wrote:
      > I just finished one more competition to be added to the list of "What's next" for the Society Seasonal Archery Competition. It is based on a old Arabic practice target, but the way I modified it, it now works well for the Christmas Season. 
      > The diagram of the target should show up in the attachment. 
      > Please review all the competitions in "Whats next" as well as the Triangle, Rings and Wand shoots in the "Previous" (Which are now over a year old and can again be included) folder, at the SCA Scores Site. 
      > Jon
      > >>>>-------------------->
      > The
      > Imitation Horseman Shoot.
      > There is an Arabic version of the Triangle Target which
      > was based on an Oriental target, which also represented a warrior on
      > horseback.  But, unlike the
      > Triangle, it is based upon two circular disks which represented the shield and
      > the head. In the Arabic original which was used as a form of practice, the
      > target was placed at just under the maximum cast of the bow. The archer
      > practiced at this target using five arrows until he could hit the disk
      > representing the shield without missing a single shot. Then he advanced to
      > shooting at the disk representing the head of the warrior until he could hit it
      > with all five arrows without missing. The size of the head disk was one span or
      > about nine inches and the shield was three spans or about twenty-seven inches.
      > (From “Arab Archery” by Robert Elmer and Nabih Amin Faris.)
      > The
      > Shoot:
      > For purposes of the SSAC the original version is slightly
      > modified by the addition of a third disk representing the horse and the
      > addition of a visor slot/disk on the head. There are three untimed ends of six
      > arrows, shot at three different distances. Both handbows and crossbows may
      > participate in the shooting at the same time. However, handbows and crossbows
      > compete in separate divisions as per the SSAC rules.
      > Range:
      > The distances for all seasons, except Winter, are: 40, 30
      > and 20 yards. Distances for Winter are 20, 15 and 10 yards. The Youth distances for all seasons except Winter, are
      > 20, 15 and 10 yards. For Winter the youth distances are 15, 10 and 5 yards.
      > Target:
      > For all seasons, except
      > Winter, the target size is: Head is 6 inches. Body
      > is 18 inches. Horse is 30 inches. The head has a 2-inch circle, in a
      > contrasting color, in the center which represents a visor slot. The combined
      > target is 54 inches tall.
      > The Winter season sizes are
      > smaller. The head is 3 inches. The body is 9 Inches. The horse is 15 inches.
      > The visor slot is 1 inch. The combined target is 27 inches tall.
      > The target for any season
      > should contrast with its background.
      > The resulting combination of
      > three disks resembles a Cyclops style snowman which is appropriate for the
      > Winter season.
      >  SCORING:
      > The horse is 1 point. The body
      > is 3 points. The head is 5 points. The visor circle is 15 points. Arrows
      > striking the edge of the visor disk count as the higher score. Arrows touching
      > the outer edge of any disk count for the appropriate score. Arrows striking
      > where two disks join, count as the higher score. There is a maximum total score
      > of 270 points, if the visor is hit with every shot.
      > Sir Jon FitzRauf
      > 12/8/13

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