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  • John Edgerton
    Dec 8 4:19 PM
    I just finished one more competition to be added to the list of "What's next" for the Society Seasonal Archery Competition. It is based on a old Arabic practice target, but the way I modified it, it now works well for the Christmas Season. 

    The diagram of the target should show up in the attachment. 

    Please review all the competitions in "Whats next" as well as the Triangle, Rings and Wand shoots in the "Previous" (Which are now over a year old and can again be included) folder, at the SCA Scores Site. 


    The Imitation Horseman Shoot.
    There is an Arabic version of the Triangle Target which was based on an Oriental target, which also represented a warrior on horseback.  But, unlike the Triangle, it is based upon two circular disks which represented the shield and the head. In the Arabic original which was used as a form of practice, the target was placed at just under the maximum cast of the bow. The archer practiced at this target using five arrows until he could hit the disk representing the shield without missing a single shot. Then he advanced to shooting at the disk representing the head of the warrior until he could hit it with all five arrows without missing. The size of the head disk was one span or about nine inches and the shield was three spans or about twenty-seven inches. (From “Arab Archery” by Robert Elmer and Nabih Amin Faris.)
    The Shoot:
    For purposes of the SSAC the original version is slightly modified by the addition of a third disk representing the horse and the addition of a visor slot/disk on the head. There are three untimed ends of six arrows, shot at three different distances. Both handbows and crossbows may participate in the shooting at the same time. However, handbows and crossbows compete in separate divisions as per the SSAC rules.
    The distances for all seasons, except Winter, are: 40, 30 and 20 yards. Distances for Winter are 20, 15 and 10 yards. The Youth distances for all seasons except Winter, are 20, 15 and 10 yards. For Winter the youth distances are 15, 10 and 5 yards.
    For all seasons, except Winter, the target size is: Head is 6 inches. Body is 18 inches. Horse is 30 inches. The head has a 2-inch circle, in a contrasting color, in the center which represents a visor slot. The combined target is 54 inches tall.
    The Winter season sizes are smaller. The head is 3 inches. The body is 9 Inches. The horse is 15 inches. The visor slot is 1 inch. The combined target is 27 inches tall.
    The target for any season should contrast with its background.
    The resulting combination of three disks resembles a Cyclops style snowman which is appropriate for the Winter season.
    The horse is 1 point. The body is 3 points. The head is 5 points. The visor circle is 15 points. Arrows striking the edge of the visor disk count as the higher score. Arrows touching the outer edge of any disk count for the appropriate score. Arrows striking where two disks join, count as the higher score. There is a maximum total score of 270 points, if the visor is hit with every shot.
    Sir Jon FitzRauf
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