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35070Re: [SCA-Archery] arrow length

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  • Dayrl Merrill
    Nov 7, 2013
      There are bamboo shafts that are longer and a footed shaft can be made that can lengthen the shafts there is also a repair tool that can be used to lengthen the shafts. So there are ways but none are necessarily cheap.  Is it possible to find a consistent anchor point that will be within the 32" maximum of standard shafts?
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      A friend of mine is over 6 ft, and he has a really long draw length. I let him try my arrows, which are a 32" shaft, but they were still a little short for him. An arrow-maker I know told me that 32 is the longest thats available, i was just double checking is that true? And if so, what do you really tall people do, just not ever pull back all the way? Any suggestions for my friend? Thanks for all the help! :)

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