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  • Doug Copley
    Nov 1, 2013
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      There have been several instances recently of people getting upset by responses, comments, ideas. We should all try to remember that the vast majority (if not all) of the people on this list are here because they want archery to grow, they want to see it get bigger, and they want to see improvements.

      The problem is that messages are written, and read, before a morning cup of coffee, after a bad day at work, when trying to rush off to work, when trying to rush out for dinner, or when really tired and should have already gone to bed. Emails do not have the facial expressions, the body language, and the voice tones so much can be lost in translation.

      We should all try to assume that the other person just did not think before they sent it, or that we misunderstood, or that their speech and thinking patterns maybe quite different than ours. We should assume that although we all have the same goals of wanting archery to grow, we may have very different ideas about how to make it grow, and what it should look like as it grows.

      For any offenses that I may have caused, I apologize.

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