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  • Karl W. Evoy
    Oct 29, 2013

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      From: John Atkins
      >>I was told by my first laurel that if you use modern materials or techniques in the creation of an A&S entry you had best be able to explain what was used in period and why you aren’t using that.  i.e. My lady does illumination and is a nurse.  She cannot afford to have lethal paint pigments on her hands or get under her finger nails.  Thus she does NOT use lead based paints as many, if not all, were in period!<<
          Quite true, as does my Lady, who is a Laural in Illumination.
      There will be examples of material substatution that are necessary; that's a given. What these are to be acceptable for a Period shooting class needs to be determined.

      >>My point is, if I walk to the line with my ELB and use self-nocked arrows with tied on fletching I may have someone come up and ask me about my equipment (happened just this last weekend!).  I then get to explain to that personal that my ELB, while accepted by the American Longbow Society for their shoots, is backed with action bamboo and that a true period ELB would have been mostly likely made out of yew.  Then, interest existing, I could explain why they used yew and delve into why my arrows are made the way there are and other aspects.  If I do a good job of this, the person who asked gets interested in upping their persona. 

      While this may all seem unrealistically optimistic, it has happened to me on numerous occasions.  There are many perfectly valid reasons our equipment is NOT made with period materials just as there are reasons why it still COULD be made, i.e. yew is yew and it still works, but Dacron is much safer than period materials for bow strings.  But I think the entire period archer thing is generating the interest in folks so we see less cotton tunics over black jeans with Nikes and sunglasses who call themselves Vikings!  Or, and let us all be honest here, Scotsmen in kilts with “their” clan tartan!<<

          And that is the point; with the exceptions of mass events like Pennsic, almost all people at SCA events have some interest in history. Their knowledge of it may not be great, but there's the interest. By showing that period dress and gear is possible, by leading by example, more interest will be generated. Like a seed crystal dropped in a super-saturated solution.
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