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  • talonoak
    Oct 6, 2013
      I had a discussion with Ygraine at Kellswood Crafts about that over a year ago. Even though everyone else is raising their prices due to this extra tax, Kellswood Crafts has not. Their prices has been the same ($30 for a dozen shafts) since the fall of 2006 (they buy their shafts from Rose City). The only tax that is paid on their shafts is when MA customers have to pay sales tax. No other customer has to pay sales tax. Of course, to purchase Cedar shafts from them, you need to contact them directly to ensure they have them in stock. When I purchased some it took me over 3 weeks to get them because they had just received a shipment of 5000 shafts and hadn't had time to weigh and spine check then yet. When I got mine, all of the shafts were within a pound of each other and within 10 grains of each other in weight.


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      Here is a post from Mungo, on this list but unable to connect at the time of reply.  I have experienced a few, very few shafts with the sap problem he refers to in his post.  I've found that after I applied the sealing coast, gasket sealer, there is no more leaking.  About a year ago Rose City put out an email to all customers that they had to raise their shaft rates due to some extra tax that was applied to arrow shafting (can we say archer shafting as well?  :-)  )  I notice on their new web site that they seem to have expanded their line of offerings, quiver, arm guards, etc.


      Here's Mungo's post:

      Rose City Archery is at: http://www.rosecityarchery.com/ . Rose City shafts can be purchased at a considerable discount from FS Discount Archery: http://www.fsdiscountarchery.com/ . FS sells them at just above wholesale as a loss leader.


      Rose City shafts USED TO BE cut exclusively from "sinker" logs, old timber salvaged from the bottom of abandoned log ponds in Oregon. The wood was 50-100 years old and naturally seasoned. With recent batches of shafts from FS, I have noticed that they are frequently bleeding pitch just like those from 3Rivers. This indicates to me that the RS shafts are now from freshly cut trees and the supply of sinkers has run out. I also noticed that the RS sub-page discussing their source has disappeared from their web site. FS says they are still selling RS shafts, but the quality seems to be about the same as those from 3Rivers. I've gone back to buying some shafts from FS anyway, since the price is considerably lower. Given that the direct price from RS is waaaaay out of line, I do not order directly from them. It would be interesting (but an expensive and unscientific experiment) to see how shafts ordered directly from RS compare with the two other sources. 


      For my personal modern "pretty" arrows, I've been buying tapers from 3Rivers. I like them, but with my somewhat clumsy shooting I can't see much difference between them and untapered shafts. For loaner arrows and for my experiments with period arrows, I buy untapered shafts from FS. 

      ---In SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com, <sca-archery@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      I was wondering who the primary supplier was.
      Rose City, how about a URL or such to help track down the right company

      On Sat, Oct 5, 2013 at 6:49 AM, <cogworks@...> wrote:

      Kinda surprised no one has recommended Rose City.  That's the company most businesses that sell cedar shafts get theirs from.  Check them out.  If you can swing buying 100 you get a better price.  They also offer lots of options, straight, guaranteed within 5 oz weight, pre-coated, etc.


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      I finished a half-dozen arrows recently. As soon as i crest them with
      my Arms colors (black, red & white), I'll upload pics.

      Honestly, they turned out very nice! Much nicer than I expected!

      I had to stop at 6 only because I ran out of fletching<g>. But I can
      buy more B&W feathers this weekend (after the car is fixed) and I
      still have a dozen points in my box and 18 more shafts in the tube,
      already coated and protected.

      My current problem is that I lost the shipping label and forgot which
      company from whom I bought the shafts. So I went through 18 months of
      checks and found three companies that sell archery:

      I only buy bows and strings from GIBow.
      3Rivers shows that I buy points and minor things from them.
      RMArchery has no record of me as a customer despite me sending them
      $50 and since RM website no longer carries shafts, I am looking for a
      new supplier.

      Anyone care to share their favorite suppliers of shafts and why?
      Also, do you prefer Cedar, fir or another wood? and why?

      I've made arrows from pine dowels in the past with obvious problems so
      prefer cedar myself. I'm also willing to pay extra to have them
      pre-splined and guaranteed straight.

      Note: one company sells cedar shafts for $6 per dozen but will not
      guarantee straight grain or straight shafts... obviously I passed them

      Rick Johnson
      "Those who give up a little freedom in return for a little imagined
      security will soon find that they have neither."

      Rick Johnson
      "Those who give up a little freedom in return for a little imagined security will soon find that they have neither."

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