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  • Jonathan L Murphy
    Oct 1, 2013

      Can’t speak to medieval archer equipment production but in my area (shoes), delineation of tasks was pretty clear.   





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      Cog, I really love your “HAD to” comments. As one that has had 3 different sets of arrows made by Janyn, I feel lucky and fortunate to be able to show off his craftsman ship. And “YES”, he made those arrows. Or constructed…or whatever word you wish to insert. I make my clothing for SCA; do I grow the fibre? Do I weave it? No. But I demm sure to “MAKE” my clothing and in order to do so, I make (yes, some will say “earn” not “make”) my money so that I can continue to have fun in the SCA. And one word is not going to change that fact for me.

      Godai, like Janyn, does not grow the product, to make his bamboo arrows or forge the steel for the points, but you can be demm sure that he makes his long-arsed arrows.

      Do the Laurels, grow the wheat to make the bread/drink? Do they they grow the fibres to make the thread/linen/cloth? There might be some that do, but they are the exception. And there are many Laurels that do “NOT” and they are still a Laurel.

      dictionary.com: to bring into existence by shaping or changing material, combining parts. To produce.

      We, in the SCA are portraying the Gentry: wellborn and well-bred people; (in England) the class below the nobility; an upper or ruling class; aristocracy; those who are not members of the nobility but are entitled to a coat-of-arms.

      Gentry did not “make” or “produce” what they used; was it not purchased? Or, if they were lucky, it could have been “gifted” to them.

      In 1252 the 'Assize of Arms' was passed which decreed that every man between the age of 15 to 60 years old were ordered to equip themselves with a bow and arrows.

      Do you think they had to make the bows and arrows themselves? I don’t.

      I, for one, am going to continue to say that Janyn, Godai, myself, or whoever “made” whatever it is I am speaking about if it so warrants it. But then, that’s just me and I can be headstrong and stubborn—even if wrong.

      LadyWanda Ostojowna


       Perhaps I should have put the mouse and keyboard down and stepped back away from the computer, but I just HAD to....................


      This perception rampantly popular in the SCA that people in period made everything from scratch themselves is simply stupid!  Just because some Norseman wore a wool sweater do we really think he grew the grass that the sheep ate that he raised then sheared so he could card the wool then spin it into a thread so he could knit or naalbind a garment to wear?  REALLY???  How about his wife bought the thread that was spun by a person who bought the wool from the sheep herder who all lived either in the same village or nearby villages.  Market day in period was not just for the hero of our story to see his love from afar!


      I applaud folks like Janyn, who makes beautiful arrows, and an individual in my area who actually goes out in the woods and cuts a tree so he can come back a year or so later when the sappers are coming up just so he can get shafts that are straight and the "right" size to make his arrows with.


      I have heard fiber laurels discuss the lunacy of the "sheep to shawl" concept.  Do we really need to apply that to archery?  That is not to say that making an arrow or bow from scratch does not impart a high appreciation for those who can do it well.  I made a guitar just to fully understand how one is made and why one is better than another.  Same applies here, but I shoot store bought bows and assemble my arrows from store bought materials.


      cog with strong opinions.........

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