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34389Re: [SCA-Archery] Anyone actually MAKE arrows?

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  • Oscar Van Loveren 000724 recon
    Sep 30, 2013
      I did not fell trees and cut them into 2x4's. I did not dig
      a well, pump oil and make shingles, I did not excavate lime
      and kiln it into cement, I did not blow glass for the
      windows and I certainly didn't mine copper and turn it into
      electrical wiring. But I sure as heck "built" my
      barn.....with stuff from Home Depot.

      So yes, you "made" arrows.

      > My kayak-camp plans fell through when my paddle-buddy
      > hurt her back
      > and as Jeff called to ask if he could borrow my
      > woodworking shop, I
      > figured, why not make those arrows I’ve been planning for
      > months?
      > I had purchased 2 dozen cedar shafts from 3-Rivers along
      > with a half
      > dozen medieval target-heads. Looking through my
      > fletching box I found
      > a package of 4” white feathers and 2 packages of 4” black
      > feathers (my
      > arms are black red and white) and my sewing box netted
      > some red cotton
      > thread (I prefer cotton over polyester). I also had some
      > saffron flax
      > thread that breaks too easily so left that alone.
      > So I got to work and dug out my arrow-nock jig I had made
      > last year,
      > modified the saw to the right thickness and cut nocks
      > into six shafts.
      > Did the sanding and tied the shaft with thread, used my
      > old
      > hand-fletcher-jig to mount the arrows, tied the feathers
      > to the shaft
      > with more red cotton thread, and found some old clear
      > nail polish my
      > daughter left behind to coat the thread.
      > Later I will measure and cut the shafts and mount the
      > target points,
      > then use the cresting-jig I made to paint my crest on the
      > shaft.
      > All the while, Jeff is happily making stuff for his
      > wife’s shelfs (he
      > is no carpenter so I spent a lot of time giving helpful
      > hints) and
      > while he was away measuring, I built myself a
      > bow-string-jig and made
      > my first bowstring from some Dacron I had in my sewing
      > box. I chose a
      > 20# bow in case the string snapped<g>. After all, this
      > is the first
      > bowstring I ever made so am justifiably nervous about all
      > that stress
      > so close to my eyes.
      > Now Maria and Liz are coming over tonight so I can repair
      > a leak in
      > Liz’s kayak and I have four bottles of that fruity-wine
      > that women
      > like and Maria is looking forward to seeing the arrows I
      > made and….
      > …and….
      > ... It occurred to me then that I did not MAKE arrows, I
      > assembled
      > arrows from pre-made parts.
      > Yes, I cut and shaped the nocks myself. BUT…
      > I have a box full of pelican and goose feathers waiting
      > to be
      > converted into arrows and pens and instead I used
      > store-bought
      > feathers pre-cut.
      > I bought that cotton thread.
      > I bought the shafts pre-cut and pre-splined for my 45#
      > longbow.
      > I bought the target heads.
      > Hell, I even bought the bare-bow (that I merely finished)
      > and even
      > bought the strings.
      > So, can I actually claim to have “made” those arrows?
      > Or am I a
      > simple ‘assembler”?
      > Opinions? Thoughts?
      > --
      > Rick Johnson
      > http://Rick-Johnson.webs.com
      > "Those who give up a little freedom in return for a
      > little imagined
      > security will soon find that they have neither."
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