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  • John Edgerton
    Sep 20 11:50 AM
      Here are the rules for the Fall Society Seasonal Archery Competition and the general rules for the SSAC.  Please forward them to anyone that may be interested. 
      Thank you 


      Rules for SSAC - Lucky Target

      The Scorekeeper last approved scores for this shoot on: unknown

      Shoot Begins: Tuesday, October 1, 2013
      Shoot Ends: Tuesday, December 31, 2013
      Scores must be Submitted by: Tuesday, January 7, 2014 and within 7 days of being shot.

      This competition seems to have begun in the Netherlands in the 1400’s. There is a period illustration showing part of a circular target where there are numerical values in arcs of the circle. And there is mention of square targets with a series of smaller squares of different values.

      The target face is 20 inches on a side and the small squares are 4 inches square. There are twenty-five squares in total. The target is placed with one corner pointing upward, as per the drawing below. The numbers are placed as shown in the drawing and should be large enough to be read at twenty yards. The lines should also be visible but no wider than 1/4 inch.

      The Adult distance is 20 yards.
      Youth division is 10 yards.

      Running the Shoot:
      The number of ends is two, each of six arrows.

      The scoring is value of the box hit. Lines count as the higher score. A square may only be hit once for score. Repeated hits to the same square by the same archer to do not count for additional score. The maximum score per end is 135, for a maximum total of 270 points. The score sheets should provide space for each Arrow's score (1-6) in each End (A, B) in a vertical column for ease in totaling. There should be a total for each end and a grand total.

      Please record the scores for each End starting with the highest scoring arrow to the lowest, with zeros entered for repeats or misses for any remaining arrows.

      This shoot was suggested by:
      Sir Jon


      SSAC General Rules

      These General Rules apply to all SSAC component shoots. The various component shoots will have their own rules and target definitions within this framework.
      There are two categories: Open and Period. Each category has two divisions: Handbow and Crossbow. There will be a Youth division as well. The ranges, targets, etc. would be adjusted accordingly for the Youth Division within each shoot. The definition of `Youth` will follow those of the Youth Division of the IKAC, however due to the timeframe of each shoot there will only be a single overall Youth Division.
      The equipment rules for the Open and Period divisions would follow those of the IKAC for Handbow and Crossbow with the exception of the Period Crossbow Division which is defined as the following. To be classify as a Period Crossbow all the following conditions must be met: 1) The stock must be made of wood. 2) It may not have a rifle-style butt. 3) It may not have a modern style lock (period forms of self-resetting mechanisms are fine, however) or a modern style trigger. 4) It may not have modern style sights, but may have a period style rear sight only (no front sight allowed).
      Questions regarding the competition should be addressed to the originator of the competition, whose contact information will be included in the rules, and to Sir Jon to be ensure the clarifications are published to the SCA-Archery group.The rules for each of the SSAC shall be determined by the originator of the competition, but should fall within the guildlines of the General Rules and the guidance of the SCA-Archery group.
      The rules for the Crossbow Divisions may vary from the rules for the Handbow divisions. However, the rules for the Open and Period categories will remain the same.
      Scores will be submitted to the SCA Scores Site for tabulation within one week of being shot. All information required by each competition must be included or the scores may be considered void, this includes; Event Name and Host, Event Date, Marshal, as well as the Archers Home Group, Mundane, and Scadian names. For scores submitted to the Youth Division, it must include the age of the archer.
      The winners of each division will be determined only by the highest score of each archer in the division. There will be no `three score average` for the SSAC. No winning kingdoms, only friendly competition among like minded archers. Though kingdoms are encouraged to recognize their archers approprately.
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