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34300Re: [SCA-Archery] arrow rest (need for one or using a glove)

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  • John R. Edgerton
    Sep 18, 2013
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      Since this done in the near east, where it can get rather warm, something such as resin or pitch may have been added to harden the wax.


      Caley <caoillainn1@...> wrote:


      > Some archers in the Near East would create a hand grip by soaking a long
      > strip of cloth in melted bee's wax and then wrapping it around the grip
      > area of the bow. When it was still warm they would grasp it, where their
      > bow hand would normally be, until it cooled. Then, when they shot their
      > bow after this, their hand would always be in the same position.
      > Jon

      I'm not sure this would work in the Southern regions. Would the beeswax
      melt in hot vehicles?

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