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34266Re: [SCA-Archery] Bibliography

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  • Jim Pickette
    Sep 17, 2013
      Here's what I keep in my library:
      Donald Featherstone, Bowmen of England
      Maurice Thompson, The Witchery of Archery (19th C.)
      Robert Elmer, Target Archery, With a History of the Sport in America
      San Fadala, Traditional Archery, 2nd Ed.
      Robert Ascham, Toxophilus
      Jim Bradbury, The Medieval Archer
      David Gray, Bows of the World
      Richard Wadge, Archery in Medieval England
      Eric Roth, With a Bended Bow
      Robert Hardy, Longbow: A Social and Military History
      Jim Hamm, Ed., The Traditional Bowyer's Bible, (Four Volumes)
      Charles Trench, A History of Marksmanship
      Angelika Hornnig, Ed., The Bow Builder's Book, European Bow Building From the Stone Age to Today, Rev 2nd Ed.

      James of Odo, Fidelibus
      Lonely Tower, in Calontir

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