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34263Re: [SCA-Archery] Bibliography

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  • JonThomme De Claydon
    Sep 17 7:30 AM
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      The Book of the Bow 1958 Putnam, Author Gordon Grimley.
      It has many historical references and stories regarding the use of the bow. Also talks about some of the last times where archery was used as a tool in warfare right up to WWII where it was used by special ops as a weapon of terror against the German soldiers and one account of the use of a bow as a sniper weapon (With 2 rifle men flanking him) Also has an extensive chapter on horn bow construction.

      It's out of print.


      On Tue, Sep 17, 2013 at 7:12 AM, <jon@...> wrote:

      I'm new to this group and I wanted to poll the membership about a bibliography.  Mike Loades new book on longbows prompted me to think about bibliographies.  I can point you to a variety of works in my area of expertise (shoes, leather) both modern and historical.  So, what is on everyone's short list of titles?  I know it is dependent on time and place so the lists will vary with the background and interests of the compilers.  What do you consider a must read?


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