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34208Re: [SCA-Archery] arrow rest photo?

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  • Guy Taylor
    Sep 15, 2013
      On 9/15/13, Guy Taylor <greenmanarrows@...> wrote:
      > Iurii,
      > Rod, who posted the remark you quoted, is actually a very kind
      > individual. He's also a very knowladgable, dyed-in-the-wool, English
      > longbowman who holds steadfast to the traditional way of doing things.
      > Thus, his comment regarding a glove.
      > Others on PaleoPlanet make and shoot very heavy longbows. Their gear,
      > their knowledge, and their shooting style is such that a glove is not
      > needed. These individuals may have little patience with people who
      > feel that one is necessary.
      > PaleoPlanet is actually the best source I know of for wood bow making
      > and shooting, bar none. While some members simply make bows and use
      > them, other PP participants research historical practices and
      > artifacts quite thoroughly and are very skilled in ancient archery.
      > Taillear
      > On 9/14/13, Chris Ivins <yuriilev@...> wrote:
      >> Thank you for posting this, including the attachment, and it may very
      >> well
      >> be just ornamentation, I do know enough to say that I don't know if it is
      >> ornamental, or if it was used as a rest, or for some other purpose. ;-)
      >> I read the full discussion on the Paleoplanet page, too. I'm glad I'm not
      >> a
      >> member of the group, though, going by their feelings about shooting with
      >> a
      >> glove on the bow hand,
      >> "But then I frown upon those who wear a glove on their bow hand to shoot
      >> wooden arrows. Met a bloke once at a shoot who was wearing a garment
      >> cutter's maille glove on his hand, he said it was the rule in his
      >> club.A club for faint-hearted incompetents, perhaps?"
      >> For me it is fun (serious fun), and I take my equipment seriously, but I
      >> wear a glove for several reasons when I shoot my recurve, and will do so
      >> when I get my Hungarian horse bow and start shooting period. Of course, I
      >> have just started a whole new discussion/can of worms, hopefully not,
      >> though.
      >> - Iurii

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