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34206Re: [SCA-Archery] Re: Arrow shelf

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  • Guy Taylor
    Sep 15, 2013
      Klancey, I really don't want to start an argument with you but don't
      you think this is just a slightly silly response to all this?
      a. No one is saying you can't use an arrow rest on your bow... no one!
      b. If you want to wear a glove or some other sort of hand protection
      then do so. Who has said you can't?
      c. If your arrows are such that you fear getting feathers poked into
      your skin then you need better or different arrows... period.

      If an SCA archer wants to participate in "period" archery then there
      are certain equipment standards to adhere to. The leaders of SCA
      archery have determined those standards. If you don't like them you
      don't have to follow them, you just can't register in the period class
      if you choose not to follow those standards.

      This all seems pretty straightforward to me. I really don't see why so
      many people are getting their tights in a bunch over it.


      On 9/14/13, larry phillips <klancey1@...> wrote:
      > Perhaps there were no bows used back then, which would alleviate the
      > need for "proof" of hand grips and arrow rests. This in itself is good
      > reason to not play the game.....who in their right mind gives two flying
      > fornications if an innocuous piece of wood saves a shooter from visiting
      > the ER with possibly limb threatening wounds from embedded fletchs? If
      > we are going to be that precise, camp without heaters and lanterns, long
      > johns and coolers, cell phones and Ipads........
      > Klancey

      The Greenman Archery <http://www.greenmanarchery.com/index.html> Website
      Fine custom wood arrows for traditional archers.
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