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34117RE: [Caldarium] FYI - Mt. Diablo Fire & Diablo Bowmen Archery Club

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  • lynn.palmieri
    Sep 9, 2013


      Thank you for the update!  We saw the fires on the trip home from the Championship Tournament and were wondering.  I’m so glad to hear the clubhouse was saved!  The ranges at least can be rebuilt, but the documented memories are priceless.  Let us know when the work parties are to be and I’m sure the Odd Bodkins can field at least a few hands to aid in the reconstruction.  We have certainly enjoyed the wonderful shoots you have provided for us over the years at the Diablo Club!


      Elynor Palmer.


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      The Range did suffer serious damage to 2 of the 4 shooting trails ( Dixon & Regalia) . How bad we will not know until the road ( Oah Hill Lane) to the Club is re-opened. The Club is very thankful to the brave firefighters who saved our clubhouse and main cook shack. The clubhouse has some irreplaceable memoribilia ( sp?). Go to diablo-bowmen.org for more info. and photos. There is a photo of 2 firefighters on the back deck of our clubhouse watching the nearby flames. I have been told that the Club's 2 parking lots were/are the main staging area for the firefighters and are still filled with fire trucks, bulldosers, and other heavy equpment.


      Iosef Braun ( Joe Brown)
      Teufelberg Archery Marshal
      Diablo Bowmen Member