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34102Re: [SCA-Archery] Which side?

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  • JDS
    Sep 6, 2013
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      after that many years on cross bow
      the humourous answer is the dark side.
      & the below answer pretty much covers it .
      I have been known to say the opposite side to sting hand
      bow hand side.
      Welcome to the bow, I Hope you have fun .
      occasional archer
      an tir

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      From: Guy Taylor <greenmanarrows@...>
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      Subject: Re: [SCA-Archery] Which side?
      Date: Thu, 5 Sep 2013 23:26:32 -0700

      If you're shooting left handed then the arrow should rest on the right
      side of the bow.
      That's for European style. Asiatic recurves and thumb rings are a
      whole different animal.

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