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33902Re: [SCA-Archery] Spruce vs. POC

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  • Guy Taylor
    Jul 22, 2013
      Back in April I was at a shoot and speaking with Dan of Wapiti Archery
      about light spined shafts. We ended up coming to an agreement on 200ea
      25/29 cedar shafts and I've been using them for customer arrows since.
      They're easy to work with, although they need a more delicate touch
      for straightening than, say... 60/64 spined shafts.
      I typically use Sitka spruce shafts from Hildebrand and have been very
      happy with everything I've gotten from them. My customers have been
      very pleased with the arrows I make from spruce.
      From a making arrows side I don't see a lot of difference between the
      two woods. From a shooting arrows side I think the spruce has a slight
      edge in strength.

      On grain straightness it's going to depend upon who makes the shaft.
      Both Wapiti and Hildebrand are very good for straight grain. I
      recently had a customer get some shafts from Rose City for me to make
      his arrows and the grain on them was horrible, even though they were
      "premium" shafts.

      Really, I think you'll be happy with either material so long as it
      comes from a good shaft manufacturer.


      On 7/22/13, tomjulessca <tomjulessca@...> wrote:
      > I am looking to purchase 25-30 spine shafts. Does anyone have information,
      > or opinion, on relative merits (weight, durability, grain straightness, ease
      > to straighten) between cedar and spruce? Thanks.
      > Tom

      The Greenman Archery <http://www.greenmanarchery.com/index.html> Website
      Fine custom wood arrows for traditional archers.
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