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  • The Greys
    Jul 10, 2013
      Bear Kodiak Magnum - 45 - occasionaly
      Bear Panda - 30 - almost never, given to me by sister-in-law
      Flagella Dai Horse bow - 40 - when in Berber persona
      Martin Hunter - 45 - Occasionally
      Elk Ridge Longbow - 38 most of the time
      Elk Ridge Longbow - 48 alternate with above bow frequently
      Cold Mountain Longbow - 46 - Switch out occasionally with Elk Ridge bows above
      Elk Ridge ELB - 42 - when going for the total period look
      Crossbow Prod no stock yet - 130

      I also have a variety of combat crossbows with prod weights of 60 pounds. I don't shoot combat archery now days though but fun to play with now and then or loan.

      I also have a Ben Pearson lemon wood bow about 30 pounds I repaired and backed with snake skin and a stick bow of about same draw weight that was gifted to me by an individual who retired from the game. I don't shoot either of these bows.

      My favorite bow is the Old Ridge 38 pounder followed by the 48 pounder. Kinda depends on how I'm shooting that day.


      --- In SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com, "David" <ater_seraph@...> wrote:
      > Greetings fellow Archers,
      > I was wondering what poundage and draw lengths of bows you all shoot for leisure and competition. I have two English/Welsh style period bows, in 45 and 55lbs, both at a 28" draw, and a horsebow on the way in 45lb at 28" also. How about you guys?
      > In Service,
      > Da'ud
      > Barony of Adiantum, AnTir
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