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33846RE: [SCA-Archery] Shooting

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  • Tristan Workman
    Jul 9, 2013
      I shoot a 50# @ 28" Bear Montana modern longbow and have a 29 1/2" draw...
      not sure where that really puts it.

      I plan on moving to completely period with two English longbows once I
      finish saving the cash... hopefully one will be 40 - 45ish # and the other
      will be over 50 - 60# somewhere as I want to take a look at medieval

      Tristan O'Shea
      Glymm Mere, An Tir

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      Greetings fellow Archers,

      I was wondering what poundage and draw lengths of bows you all shoot for
      leisure and competition. I have two English/Welsh style period bows, in 45
      and 55lbs, both at a 28" draw, and a horsebow on the way in 45lb at 28"
      also. How about you guys?

      In Service,

      Barony of Adiantum, AnTir



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